Bendtner Bendtner, The Man Who Lives in His Dream — Episode 3

Humour. Fiction. Don’t Take it Seriously. Seriously!

Divya Karwal
4 min readDec 20, 2021


Photo by Peter Fogden on Unsplash

Orange, still peering. Still accusing with his eyes. While Bendt, still guessing. In his dream world, a day had passed in this limbo. It didn’t matter if it had been 24 hours or 30 or 2. This was Bendt’s dream and if he felt a day older at this moment, it simply meant it was the next day. Eyeball-to-eyeball, the match between him and Orange continued…then…BURP!

‘Orange! That was disgusting!’

Orange, straight-faced, ‘Natural reaction of the body. Can’t help it.’

What to say next? Think, Bendt, think. You must get it to speak, or it will kill you with its stare. ‘Would you like me to add a swimming pool to the house? You might want to cool off in this heat.’

No answer. Eventually, Orange blinked, which was a rare moment, and Bendt felt a little relaxed. ‘No, thanks,’ Orange said, ‘I am done with this dream of yours — I don’t like how you make things appear just like that, they are like ghosts of things, not real. I want to quit.’

Here we go again…this is just what Bendt feared.

‘Hey c’mon. You make it sound like an online virtual reality game. It takes a hell lot of effort to concentrate and create just the right thing.’

‘But they are still spectres.’

‘That means you and I are ghosts too? I disagree. I was born into what you call the ‘real’ world by default, I had no choice. Then this world gave me the passion for creating new ideas, and the only way I can do it is by living in this dream… I have a choice now and I want it.’

Orange rolled his eyes and looked around the room as if for the first time. ‘Where are the new ideas here, exactly? I believe iguanas have a very good vision, then why don’t I see your new ideas?’

‘Oh please! Don’t be sarcastic. You know I haven’t created any ideas yet because I was busy building this whole place — this room, the food, these wall paintings, this rug, your couch, the books — everything! I even rescued you into this dream and saved your life!’

As Bendt listed out his achievements of the last five years, inside he felt a…



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