Bendtner Bendtner, The Man Who Lives in His Dream — Episode 1

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Divya Karwal
7 min readDec 11, 2021


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Episode 1

Yoga is not the point. It might as well be ballet dancing. The point is stretching. Elongated muscles ease out Bendt’s mind and he feels ready to think of fresh ideas. As if a guitar string had been untangled, wound, tensed and tuned. Ready for the show!

The only reason it was yoga but not ballet for Bendt was because the latter might have meant a temptation to perform, an urge for acknowledgement from others. And Bendt mostly hated the ‘others’, people other than him. So yoga was a good solution.

He was stretching out this morning again after a long night of thinking. He lay on the floor with his legs aiming for the ceiling at 90 degrees. As each muscle spanning the back of his thigh elongated, jumbled up thoughts formed neat files in his head.

He concentrated on his knees, stretched his legs further upwards and smoothened out the ligaments under the knee cap. A few more notions unravelled which had been smothering his overworked grey cells. Then it was the ankles and the toes — joints most similar to ideas, Bendt believed. If you don’t let them be free, they swell up and make you immovable.

Bendtner Bendtner, the man with his own surname for a name, is an expert on ideas. Others have thoughts too, but since thinking is so fluid, we can hardly capture an idea out of the sea of notions. They are too slow against the flow of brain waves. But Bendt cracked the code of ideas at the age of sixteen (no one knows how he did it). Now, ten years later, he is the master of the art of freethinking. He knows when an idea is about to surface and can catch it faster than a frog could snatch a fly. Even Archimedes, Einstein and the likes could do it only once or twice in their lifetime — flukes by Bendt’s standards.

There is, however, one problem. Bendt has not discovered or invented anything substantial yet, not big enough to make him popular. This causes him a few problems. Inferiority complex is one of them. All the more reason why yoga helps is that he doesn’t have to get out of the house.



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